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NPS Curtiss JNS

NPS Curtiss JNS Client: Pearson Air MuseumVancouver, WA In 2017 we contracted with the National Park Service at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site to restore a 1918 Curtiss JN-4D “Jenny” biplane for exhibit at Pearson Air Museum and Jack Murdock Aviation Center. We built up the fuselage using original and new parts. This was followed

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1910 Curtiss Pusher

1910 Curtiss Pusher Client: Private Owner The Collings Foundation provided original airframe parts which consist of ribs and spars and wing struts for the Pusher. They came to us wrapped in August, 1915 Boston Globe newspapers. Collings Foundation also provided a core Curtiss OX-5 engine which Century Aviation overhauled to airworthy condition. This project consisted

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