Century Aviation

1910 Curtiss Pusher


Private Owner

The Collings Foundation provided original airframe parts which consist of ribs and spars and wing struts for the Pusher. They came to us wrapped in August, 1915 Boston Globe newspapers. Collings Foundation also provided a core Curtiss OX-5 engine which Century Aviation overhauled to airworthy condition.

This project consisted of building the airframe using the original parts that were provided and new parts that we manufactured which included fabricating a fuel tank and building the land-based landing gear with wheels and tires. We provided a new, airworthy radiator that replicated an original Curtiss radiator that would have been installed on the airframe when it was new and a new, airworthy propeller manufactured to the original specifications. The airframe was covered with Grade A Cotton and shellac.

After the OX-5 engine was overhauled, we installed it in the Pusher and tested it. With the engine running well we performed taxi tests. With our portion of the restoration complete we accompanied the Pusher to two exhibitions, the Vintage Weekend at Ocean Reef, FL and the EAA AirVenture, Oshkosh, WI. Donated to Collings Foundation, Stowe, MA.