Century Aviation

NLEM Bell 206L Helicopter “Eagle One”


National Law Enforcement Museum
Washington, D.C.

This project was divided into two phases. We completed the first part which was to provide all of the labor and equipment for a Load Test of the helicopter and provide the written engineering report listing test results. We then transported the helicopter from the test location, Broussard, LA to the storage location in the DC area. The 206L was unloaded and protected in the storage area for approximately a year.

The second half of this project was to reload the 206L onto a truck and transport it to the museum site in downtown D.C. Working with iWeiss we provided all of the services, labor and equipment to unload, re-assemble and suspend the helicopter for display in the Museum including all engineering. We also installed a large pickup on to an overhead display. The pickup exhibit was to showcase the vehicle and officer’s involvement in a shootout.