Century Aviation

Century Aviation, Change is in the Air

Century Aviation specializes in working as consultants to museums, assisting them to restore, install or move their artifacts. Our services include the design of attach fittings and rigging, evaluation of the building structure, inspections and load tests on aircraft or artifacts that will be suspended and the installation of the aircraft or artifact. We partner with iWeiss, Chicago, IL and Fairview, NJ, a Certified Theatrical Rigging company and with Pacific Engineering & Design, PLLC, Wenatchee, WA to offer a variety of choices to the customer.

As much fun as we have had with our Restorations and Replicas we have decided to step back from that work and concentrate on Museum Exhibit Installation and Consulting. We have enjoyed our Restorations, from the 1934 Boeing F4-B4 to the 1914 Curtiss Model F Flying Boat, and we will take our experience and knowledge with us to Artifact Installation and Consulting.

We would like to thank all of our Aircraft Restoration/Replica customers for all of your support through the years.

Mark Smith and Karen Barrow started Century Aviation in August 1992 with the contract to assist Evergreen International to disassemble and move the Howard Hughes HK-1 “Spruce Goose” from Long Beach, California to McMinnville, Oregon. Since then we have worked on many aircraft restorations and replicas as well as aircraft relocation and installation.