Century Aviation

NPS Curtiss JNS


Pearson Air Museum
Vancouver, WA

In 2017 we contracted with the National Park Service at Fort Vancouver National Historic Site to restore a 1918 Curtiss JN-4D “Jenny” biplane for exhibit at Pearson Air Museum and Jack Murdock Aviation Center.

We built up the fuselage using original and new parts. This was followed by all of the tail surfaces, the landing gear and fuselage flight control systems. Once this work was complete, we built up the wings, wing struts and bracing wires, again using original and new parts.

Following completion of the airframe we fully assembled it to confirm fit and finish as well as making sure that all flight systems work properly. Once this test assembly was finished, we disassembled the airframe into is major components, fuselage, wings, tail surface, and covered them with fabric.

During the covering process we coordinated with the Pearson Air Museum curators as to colors, markings and insignias for this airframe. This aircraft was completed using the marking of the 321st Observation Squadron, which was based at Pearson Air Park, Vancouver, Washington from 1923 to 1940. Once the airframe was fabric covered and all of its markings had been applied, we again fully assembled the airframe for a final fit/finish inspection. The “Jenny’ was then disassembled, transported from East Wenatchee and reassembled at the Pearson Air Museum, Fort Vancouver Historical Site, Vancouver, WA.