Century Aviation

Sikorsky UH-34D Installation


National Museum of the Marine Corps
Triangle, VA

The National Museum of the Marine Corps, Triangle Virginia is in the process of completing the last phase of the construction of the new museum and as part of the process there were several changes to the Leatherneck Gallery at the main entry into the museum.  One of these changes was to remove and replace the Sikorsky UH-34 that was on display since the museum opened but was not the correct model example for the exhibit story line. The correct model, a UH-34D was donated to the museum so that it could be used to tell the story of the Corps during Vietnam.

We teamed up with iWeiss Theatrical Solutions, New Jersey and Pacific Engineering, Wenatchee, WA for this project. Our scope of work included designing the process to remove of one airframe from its present exhibit, installing the new airframe, design and fabricate the new display stands, provide all of the rigging and lifting services for the de-install and reinstall process.

Following the removal of the existing display tableau by the exhibit fabricating company, we lifted the airframe that was on display off of its stands,lowered it onto the floor and assisted the NMMC staff in removing the airframe from the building.  We removed the old display stands and prepared for the installation of the replacement airframe.  This included, removing the old mounting hardware, moving into position the new stands that we designed and fabricated in our shop in East Wenatchee, WA.

The NMMC staff moved the replacement airframe into the Leatherneck Gallery and into the general area of the new display.  Once in position we lifted the airframe to an elevation higher than its final display height, moved the new stands into place, lowered the airframe so that the three jacking points mated the stand receiving points.  Before we released all of the weight of the airframe onto the stands we drilled new holes into the concrete floor and installed anchor bolts using specially designed anchor bolt epoxy.  With the epoxy cured we released all of the weight onto the stands, confirmed fit and finish, installed tie-down hardware between the airframe and the stand and then removed all of our rigging and lifting equipment.

Since the installation, the final exhibit tableau has been installed.