Century Aviation

Hang P-51 Mustang

Seymour Johnson AFB Support Facility North Carolina

We started with opening up and disassembling the airframe, which was located in a hangar near the base flight line, in preparation for the move to the new display facility. Wing fairings, small components and engine top cowls, horizontal and vertical stabilizers were removed.

When the airframe was ready to be moved, the fuselage was lifted off of the supported wing with a crane and loaded onto a flatbed trailer. The landing gear under the wing was retracted and secured. The wing and all additional parts were loaded onto to a second trailer.

The two trailers traveled the 2 miles to the new Support Facility along with the crane. The fuselage was removed from the trailer and moved into the lobby through a 12 foot wide by 9 foot high door and hallway using rolling dollies.

Using a temporary system the rigging crew rigged the fuselage and lifted it to a height sufficient to move the wing under it. The wing was lifted from its trailer, placed on rolling dollies, moved into the gallery and positioned so that the fuselage could be lowered onto it and reattached.

With the wing and all components reinstalled, except the engine top cowls, the airframe was lifted off the floor so that the airframe was lifted into its designed altitude and attitude. Following review by the customer, measurements were taken for the permanents rigging. This rigging and the top cowls were installed and all the temporary rigging and equipment were removed.


Duke Construction
Indianapolis, IN

Partnering with:

Dick DeLay Rigging, LLC, Edmonds, WA and
Pacific Engineering & Design, PLLC, Wenatchee, WA