Century Aviation

Hang Global Hawk & Firebee

As part of an ongoing reorganization of the exhibits we have been contracted to hang or rehang upward of 20 aircraft and satellites on display at the museum. We began with the Global Hawk and Firebee. Before we could hang the two unmanned surveillance aircraft we had to make room for them by lowering 2 banners, 2 satellites and all of their rigging and turn them over to Evergreen Staff.

To start the process of installing the Global Hawk we had to locate the attach points on the building for the rigging from the engineering drawings provided by Pacific Engineering.

When we had installed the Global Hawk rigging attach points we attached the permanent rigging bridles and lifting equipment. We used our lifting system to assist Evergreen personnel in the reassembly process. Once the Global Hawk was assembled we attached the lifting rigging. We lifted the Global Hawk to the display altitude and attitude and reviewed with customer. With his approval, we measured, fabricated and attached the permanent rigging.

With the Global Hawk complete we moved our equipment to the display location for Firebee and repeated the process. We installed the rigging attach points, permanent rigging bridles and lifting equipment and lifted the Firebee into position. Again, we reviewed display altitude and attitude with customer. With the customer’s approval, we measured and fabricated the final bridles and attached the permanent rigging.


Hoffman Construction Company and
Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum
McMinnville, OR

Partnering with:

Reed Rigging, Inc, Chicago, IL and
Pacific Engineering and Design, PLLC.
Wenatchee, WA