Century Aviation

Cessna L-19 'Bird Dog'

This project was completed in two phases. The first phase was design and engineering of the rigging system that attached to the building structure and the aircraft. Included in this was to work with the building engineers:

  1. Review the steel provided for suspending the L-19 to confirm that it was sufficient to support the L-19.
  2. Review the location to confirm that it is placed correctly.
  3. To identify supplemental steel that was required.

We also provided load calculations related to the rigging and aircraft weights based upon the L-19 weight and balance data and the designed display attitude required. We acquired permits that were required for the work. We provided stamped engineering drawings and load calculations for the rigging system and “as built” drawings at completion of installation.

In December of 2009 we worked with the Base personnel to move the L-19 fuselage and wings from their storage location on the airport to the construction site into the Lobby and then placed it under the second floor overhang. We then observed the installation of a temporary wall to protect the L-19 while building construction continued.

In January of 2010 we reassembled the aircraft in the Lobby. While the aircraft was being reassembled the temporary lifting rigging was installed and then attached to the aircraft lift points. The aircraft was lifted up to the design display elevation and attitude. At this point the customer reviewed the design display attitude to determine if there were any changes to the elevation or attitude that might improve the display of the L-19 within the Lobby.

Once the attitude was accepted we built the permanent suspension rigging on site and installed it. With the aircraft suspended on the permanent rigging we removed all temporary rigging. For this project we provided all of the rigging systems, hardware, equipment and services required to lift and suspend the L-19.


Oregon Military Department
Salem Flight Operations Facility, McNary Airport
Salem, OR

Partnering with:

Dick DeLay Rigging, LLC
Edmonds, WA and
Pacific Engineering & Design, PLLC
Wenatchee, WA