Century Aviation

1918 De Havilland DH-4 (U.S. Army Air Corps)


Fantasy of Flight
Polk City, FL

This airplane is the second DH-4 project for Kermit Weeks, Fantasy of Flight, Polk City, FL. Kermit purchased a number of DH-4 projects several years ago. These projects were part of the Tallman/Mantz collection, the Hollywood stunt pilots. They were built by a gentleman named Specth who was building them for Frank Tallman. The projects had been in storage since that purchase. This airframe was restored as a flying DH-4B Army Air Corps as built by the Fisher Body Company for the Army Air Corp in World War One. It was restored using both original and new DeHavilland parts. As with the DH-4BM, this DH-4 will be flyable. The restoration crew at Fantasy of Flight will complete the work with a Liberty V-12 engine. They will have the instruments certified, install the fabric and paint the plane in a military scheme. They are also supplying the propeller, wheels and tires.