Century Aviation

1917 Airco DH-4 (British Military)


The Vintage Aviator Limited (a flying Museum)
New Zealand

In 2008 we completed a replica 1918 DeHavilland DH-4 for The Vintage Aviator Limited (a flying Museum) in New Zealand. They will use a Liberty V-12 engine on which they are doing the overhaul. They will have the instruments certified, install the fabric and paint the wings and tail surfaces. They are also supplying the propeller, wheels and tires. When their work is complete, this DH.4 will be flyable. The DH.4 was a British two-seat biplane day-bomber of the World War I. It was designed by Geoffrey De Havilland (hence “DH”) for Airco, and was the first British two seat light day-bomber to have an effective defensive armament. It first flew in August 1916 and entered service with the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) in March 1917. The majority of DH.4’s were actually built as general purpose two seaters in the USA, for service with the American forces in France. The DH.4 was tried with several engines, of which the best was the 375 hp Rolls Royce Eagle engine. The DH.4 was equipped with one 0.303 in. Vickers machine gun for the pilot and one 0.303 in. Lewis machine gun on a Scarff ring mounting for the observer. Two 230 lb. bombs or four 112 lb. bombs could be carried.