F/A-18A Hornet

This Hornet is owned by the National Museum of the Marine Corps located in Triangle VA near the Marine Corps Base Quantico. This Hornet has a great history. It was the first Marine Corps aircraft to be launched after the attacks on 911. It patrolled the skies around Washington, DC for the next 2 days.

Our project is three-fold.

1. To restore the Hornet to display ready,

2. Engineer, design, manufacture and install the display stand

3. Install aircraft on the stand

The first phase has been completed which consisted of transporting the Hornet to our shop, opening every compartment, cleaning, de-greasing, de-craze the canopy by polishing, sand, prime, repaint in new colors and markings to show F/A-18A Hornets as they appeared in Desert Storm. The F/A-18A is now in storage until the new wing of the museum is ready for her. We are currently working on the stand which will display the Hornet at a 60 degree left bank with the nose up 5 degrees in the new section of the museum that will tell the story of the Marine Corps F/A-18A’s in the Gulf War.

We expect to deliver the Hornet to Quantico and install it on it’s new stand in the springĀ of 2016.


National Museum of the Marine Corps
Triangle, VA